What is e-design?

E-design is our typical process but executing it all virtually. With this method we are able to provide our expertise and style at a more affordable rate. This service is perfect for clients who want the expertise of a Designer, the style of Brianne Bishop Design, but don’t mind doing some of the legwork to implement the project.

Please inquire about our simple process or keep scrolling to learn more! With this service you will have everything you need to have a professionally designed space on your own timeline and budget.


STEP ONE- DOCUMENTATION: Upon signing the proposal we will send you a questionnaire to fill out with specifics for your project. If you do not have an existing floor plan of your home, we will request specific dimensions or offer a service to measure and document the space.

STEP TWO- CONCEPT DESIGN: In this exciting phase of the project we will get to know your style, needs and wish-list; and create a custom design mood board presenting our vision for the style of your home. We use this board as a communication tool throughout the project. During this phase we also create furniture plans and a line-item budget to review. One, one-hour phone call occurs during this phase.

STEP THREE – DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: Once the plan, style and budget have been finalized we now specify pieces of furniture, finishes and fixtures. We will send you a pdf document with these items, their pricing as well as a curated box of samples for fabrics and finishes. After the larger items are selected, we will suggest the smaller, finishing items. One, one-hour phone call occurs during this phase.

STEP FOUR – PROCUREMENT: Once the decisions have been made, we will put together an order list for you to execute on your own OR if procurement services are desired, we will send a proposal for purchasing.

STEP FIVE – EXECUTION: As items are delivered and received you will have a detailed floor plan to execute the installation on your own. We will of course be available for any questions or concerns! Styling and accessorizing help is offered at an additional hourly rate (outside of the provided accessory suggestions).

e-design packages


Perfect for the DIY type of person who really only needs style guidance, expert advice and a layout. This package includes:

2 Plans

Detailed Budget

Mood Board


This package is the best option to have the project executed without too much of your time. This package includes:

3 Plans

Detailed Budget

Mood Board + 1 Revision

Furniture & Finish Suggestions

Detailed Shopping List


This package is most like our typical process only saving on the travel time and trips out to your home!

3 Plans

Detailed Budget

Mood Board + 1 Revision

Furniture & Finish Suggestions

Procurement of All Items

Available day of install for virtual assistance (up to 4 hours)

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